Earn, Invest and Grow
Earn, Invest and Grow
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Talej Business Services Ltd, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE
Tel: +44 (0)20 3322 8343,  Email: info@talejbusiness.biz
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Our Strategy

Talej Business strategy is to achieve good growth through time by diversifying its business base and increasing its presence in markets and segments that are growing rapidly. This is driven by the Group's ambition to become one of a handful of universal music company, Business advice, beauty and freighting leading the global business services and trade industry, helping customers and clients throughout the world achieve their goals. The strategy is based on the principles of earn, invest and grow. Supporting this are tree strategic priorities:
  • Build the best business in the UK
  • Accelerate the growth of global businesses
  • Enhance operational excellence.
Guiding Principles

Talej Business five guiding principles are key to the way the business operates:
  • Winning together - achieving collective and individual success
  • Best people - developing talented colleagues to reach their full potential, to ensure Talej Business retains a leading position in the global financial services industry
  • Customer and client focus - understanding customers and serving them brilliantly
  • Pioneering - driving new ideas, adding diverse skills and improving operational excellence
  • Trusted - acting with the highest integrity to retain the trust of customers, external stakeholders and colleagues.